We are delighted to share with you the following exciting news from author, and BATA committee member, Aletta Stevens, whose wonderful book on the origins of the link with Alkmaar is now available.

You can read an interview with Aletta about the book here: 


From Aletta: This is to let you know that my book on the origins of the Bath-Alkmaar link has just been published, despite the coronavirus crisis – hats off to the publishers and printers!

The Remarkable Journey of Mr Prins: WWII, Jewish Refugees and the Bath-Alkmaar Friendship

The greatest journeys are escapes. Night-time, suitcases of cash, chaos, the final burning of papers. 56 people flee in a small boat. In 1940, as exiled Dutchman Eli Prins arrives in England and makes his way to Bath, he instigates a longer journey, one from war and uncertainty to safety and solidarity. Based on personal testimonies and unpublished sources in English and Dutch, this book vividly reconstructs the experience of war in Alkmaar and Bath. It is a story told in full for the first time: how the Jews are expelled from Alkmaar; the fate of Eli’s parents; the Bath Blitz; and then in 1945, after the Dutch Hunger Winter, how the people of Bath chose to help Alkmaar and its children. This is both a local story and a European one, written not just to commemorate history, but also to remind ourselves that we still need such heroic and uplifting stories.

You can order from amazon.co.uk or buy a * signed * copy direct from my website with a 20% discount:


The book launch and other events to commemorate 75 years of the end of WWII and 75 years of the Bath-Alkmaar friendship have unfortunately been postponed, so the promotion will have to be done entirely online for the moment.

Hope you will like the book! If you can help by writing an Amazon review and sharing through social media I would really appreciate it.

Author of Looking for Uncle Joop | Het tweede schot