Bath’s Christmas Market will develop a Dutch flavour this weekend (2nd to 4th December), as goods from Holland go on sale on a special stall set up by the city’s Bath-Alkmaar Twinning Association.

Following a successful inaugural stall last year, the Dutch-themed stall will feature cheese, salty liquorice and beer from small brewers based in Bath’s twin city in the Netherlands.

Also on sale will be traditional Dutch Christmas goodies, including chocolate Christmas wreaths, advocaat, and “speculaas” spiced shortcrust biscuits.

BATA Chairman Chris Davies, said the aim is to highlight the city-link and spread the tastes of Dutch Christmas.

 “Many visitors to the market have sampled Dutch goods on holiday or when they lived or worked in the Netherlands, and relish being able to try them again.  Our stall is a great way to tell people about our twin city, Alkmaar, and to share the Dutch Christmas spirit.”

The BATA stall will be located next to the Guildhall, from 2nd to the 4th December only.