After Chris Freijser seen a photo of the unveiling of the plaque in Bath, which took place in May 2023, he travelled to Bath and made this photo. He is the designer of the commemoritive plaque in both Alkmaar and Bath and was proud to see his work ‘eternalized’ in both cities.


Chris Freijser also played an important role, together with Robin Haker, in the special monument series of The foundation HERDENKINGSSTENEN JOODS ALKMAAR.

This foundation has realised the placing of memorial stones in 62 places in the city of the Jewish Alkmaarders who fell victim to the Holocaust.

Chris and Robin have experienced their involvement as an honor for the Jewish community and for Alkmaar. They selected the best kind of natural stone and furthermore, advised the foundation in having the texts lasered into the stones.

You can read more about this on the website of the foundation