Historic walking route in Alkmaar with a link to Bath

A diverse group of volunteers makes one or more cards every year. The choice of subject is often determined by current events. Points of interest are indicated on the Map that have to do with the main character or the subject. Furthermore, a description is given of the life and work of the protagonist.

Alkmaarders on the Map! The tenth edition is dedicated to Eli Prins and therefore also has an international link with Bath.

The map was launched at the same time as the presentation of the book about Prince on May 28 in Alkmaar. The reason being the 75th anniversary of the city link Alkmaar and Bath.

The Jewish Eli Prins from Alkmaar barely escaped the Germans on 15 May 1940. He went to Bath where is sister was living and made himself valuable on many fronts. After the war, Prins stood at the cradle of the twinning link Bath-Alkmaar.

When you visit Alkmaar make sure you pick up the ‘Alkmaarders op de kaart’ map (it has an English summary) and follow the historic route through this beautiful town.