City link Bath Alkmaar

The city link between Alkmaar and the English city of Bath celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. To mark this anniversary, a meeting will take place in Theater de Vest in Alkmaar, on Friday afternoon the 28th of May, from 14:00 to 16:00. This meeting is only open to invitees but interested parties can “attend” afterwards via the link

The city link was initiated by Eli Prins from Alkmaar, who fled to Bath, and the Rotary Club in Bath. It has been recorded by writer Aletta Stevens in the English book “The remarkable journey of Mr. Prins’. She writes about the exciting escape of Eli Prins on the last boat from IJmuiden to England on May 15, 1940, his life in Bath, where he gave much publicity to his hometown Alkmaar and about his work for the Dutch government in exile.

The Dutch translation of the book

This English book has been translated by Geri de Boer under the name “Ontsnapping naar Bath”, the first Dutch-language copy will be handed over to deputy Mayor and alderman of the municipality of Alkmaar, Paul Verbruggen on 28th of May. Now, the residents of both twin cities can read the origins of the city link in their own language.

The 2021 version of ‘Alkmaarders op de kaart’ will also be presented. This year Eli Prins will be the main character. Several people who participated in the very first exchanges in 1945 and 1946 have been interviewed. Interviews have also taken place in Bath by Chris Davies, the chairman of the Bath Alkmaar Twinning Association, Hetty de Rooij committee member and Gwythian Prins, the son of Eli Prins.

Let’s celebrate this birthday party (digitally) together!

 Announcement in de Alkmaarsche Krant of 20 May 2021 – Dutch translation – Ontsnapping naar Bath.