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Bath and Alkmaar are two historic cities, linked for over 75 years. In that time, thousands of our citizens have travelled back and forth, making friends, working on projects and activities together, and finding out about each others’ country. 

We celebrate and enjoy the opportunities our link creates by supporting friendship, fun and fellowship between our two cities, and more broadly between the UK and the Netherlands.

Our counterparts in the Alkmaar Twinning organisation, the AUC, hosted an online launch of the Dutch edition of Aletta Stevens’ book, “The Remarkable Journey of Mr Prins”.  This book tells the story behind the events which first linked our two cities together, more than 75 years ago.  
After many years of hoping for this memorable story to be properly told, it is pleasing to see it becoming available not just in English, but also in Dutch. The video is largely in Dutch, with partial subtitles, and includes some English contributions.

Our role

We encourage links between people in our two cities, enriching both communities. Through local social activities we act as meeting point for all Dutch people who have made their home in and around Bath, and for anyone locally who has an interest in the Netherlands.

Why Bath & Alkmaar? 

The story behind the Bath – Alkmaar link is inspiring (click here for the full story). We work closely with our Dutch equivalent, the Alkmaars Uitwisselings Comité.

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Latest News

Alkmaarders on the map

Alkmaarders on the Map’s the tenth edition is dedicated to Eli Prins and therefore also has a international link with Bath.

75 Years Bath Alkmaar

City link Bath Alkmaar The city link between Alkmaar and the English city of Bath celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. To mark this anniversary, a meeting will take place in Theater de Vest in Alkmaar, on Friday afternoon the 28th of May, from 14:00 to 16:00....

Historic Barrel Organ comes back to Bath

An historic barrel organ, last seen on the streets of Bath in 1945, has returned from the City’s twin town of Alkmaar in the Netherlands to mark 75 years of friendship.

WWII, Jewish Refugees and the Bath-Alkmaar Friendship

We are delighted to share with you the following exciting news from author, and BATA committee member, Aletta Stevens, whose wonderful book on the origins of the link with Alkmaar is now available.

How the friendship between the two cities started

The Remarkable Journey of Mr Prins: WWII, Jewish Refugees and the Bath-Alkmaar Friendship. 

The barrelorgan has arrived in Bath

After 75 years the Barrel Organ has returned to Bath from Alkmaar and the BBC was present. Read more and watch the BBC evening news item on the Barrel Organ!

Official launch

 Bath 70 week

Youth Orchestra in Bath

 Alkmaar 70

Farewell in Prior Park


Alkmaar 70

Big Bath Cheese Trail


Alkmaar 70

Future events

Alkmaar Cafe

Special Alkmaar Cafe

We plan to meet up again in on December 1st, to celebrate Christmas in suitable Dutch style. More info


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